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Meet sweet Maisy


Meet Maisy, this sweet girl is just about 7 weeks old and one of DR Doghouse Bully Crew Rescue newest rescues. Lennon was from a litter of a mom dog who was let to roam about. Unfortunately, not being spayed, she got pregnant. The owner of the mother dog was willing to speak to us, and surrender the puppies in hopes to find a better home. We also educated the owner about the dangers of letting their dog roam freely. They were very cooperative and is also going to let us get the mother dog spayed. We hope to spread knowledge and help as many people as possible.

If you are interested in meeting Maisy please email or visit

Meet Luke, who is available for adoption through DR Doghouse Bully Crew Rescue. He is an adorable 1.5 year old staffie mix. He is currently working with our trainer on basic commands. Luke is so loving and would make a great pet for any family.  If you are interested in meeting Luke, email Robin and Damon at

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan

Check out Luke

in action!

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