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Our sweet girl, "Friday" found her forever home! Friday came to us emaciated with bite wounds covering her entire body. She was living on the streets of LA and was rescued on a Friday. Thank you Chris and Lauren for giving this angel a second chance at a great life!


Harley who was rescued with his sister Sadie has also landed his forever home. What an amazing family he will get to spend the rest of his life with. Harley was adopted by The Sims Family. Pictured below is his new family, including brother, Mack, who is also a rescue! We love you Harley, and Sims Family, you rock!


DDBCR is super excited to announce that everyone's favorite ebony princess - Jane, has been adopted! Jane was rescued from East Valley Animal Shelter on Easter. After 10 months of patently waiting this sweet girl hit the jackpot. She has a very sweet momma named Ariana who will love her forever. We love you Jane and thank you Ariana!


If this picture doesn't melt your heart, we don't know what will. Sadie has found her forever, loving home with dad, Dallas, who is so in love with her. This girl will be living the high life. She is such a character and brought our rescue so much joy. We will miss you Sadie and we are so happy for you. Thank you to everyone who made this rescue possible.



Our sweet girl Angie AKA Mamma Bear found her forever home. Angie had a rough start to life, she was found in a dumpster, where she had been left to die. Her forever family - The Davidson Family (especially daughter Lindsey) have fallen head over heels for her. Dr. Doghouse is so grateful to the Davidson Family for giving Angie the second chance she deserves.


DR Doghouse is happy to announce that our boy "Kash" has been adopted by the beautiful Byod Family. A big thanks to our new friends, Mike and Kathy Boyd for giving Kash a forever home. Kash now has a big brother named Kona and a family that will love him and give him all the attention he deserves. We love you Kash and we love you Boyd Family.

Tom Petty, the sweet pup that was abandoned on a blacony has found his forever, loving family! Tom will spend

the rest of his life with The Bartel Family. They are so in love with this sweet boy.

We have to send a huge thanks to Reina and her family who found this boy and helped foster. As well as Jeff with a Better Dog LA for fostering and training Tom.

We love you Tom!!!


Miranda & Blake​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Remember Miranda and Blake? These 2 were adopted from us and returned because their family did not have room for them. Here they are now Olive and Diego. They were adopted TOGETHER and given another chance by the loving Castillo Family. Thank you all for giving them a loving forever home.


This is Maddie! She was found taped up in a box and left in someone's front yard. A good Samaritan brought her to us. We are so happy to announce that she was adopted by an amazing lady named Catherine Stickel. Catherine renamed her "Minnie". Minnie is now living her forever life with a cat brother named "Mickey". Congrats Minnie!

What an amazing way to ring in the new year... our boy Brooks has finally found his forever home. Brooks is one of our long timers and holds a very special place in our hearts. His new family could not be more perfect. Thank you so much to The Estevez Family for opening your heart and home to Brooks. We are going to miss you like crazy sweet Brooks, but our hearts are so happy!


We are so happy to announce that our boy ROLO has been adopted! ROLO was found chained up and left to die in the back of a foreclosed home. He now has two human brothers to play with and a family to love him. Thank you to everyone who helped us help this boy. We love you ROLO!



Remember Ronin? We rescued him from an abusive situation. He was very scared and unsure of everything. We, along with his fosters worked in rehabilitating him. Ronin's dreams came true when the Neva Family decided to give him a forever home. He was a present for his human brother's birthday. Thank you Neva Family for giving him an amazing life!


Look who found a forever family - and new pug sister... RAMBO!!! Rambo was rescued from East Valley Shelter where he would have been euthanized. He was extremely thin and unhealthy. Look at him now! GO RAMBO!

This is Teddy and his new owner. Teddy was found abandoned on a hiking trail with his sister Lila. No one ever came for them and they were brought to us. Teddy found his forever home. Here he is with his dad Brook, who loves him so much! 



Check out this handsome boy "Beefcake". He was rescued from a high kill shelter in Lancaster, CA. He was given a forever home by the Stafford Family. He now has lots of siblings to play with! What a hunk... congrats Beefcake!


This is Parker, she was rescued by Dr. Doghouse from Carson Shelter where she would have been euthanized at only 2 weeks old. Here she is with her new owner Matt who fell madly in love with her. We are so happy for you Parker!


Look at Rukus! He was found dirty and scared in the Watts area of Los Angeles, CA. As soon as we posted Rukus, he had a fan club! We had people calling from all over to adopt him. Rukus found his forever mom, Jennifer Mayo, when she came in to pick up dog food at Tailwaggers in Hollywood.  Jennifer was skeptical of the breed and had never owned a pit bull. She know says, she wants all of her future dogs to be this breed! Another success story for the pitties, and a very happy life to Rukus and Jennifer


Check out Mick Jagger who hit it big when he was adopted by moms Leslie and Josie!!! Mick has an adorable fur brother named Hercules, who is also a DDBCR Alumni! Mick gets to go to daycare with his mom everyday, since she works at a doggie daycare. He has met so many new friends and is living the life! We love you Mick! Thank you Leslie and Josie for being such amazing volunteers, fosters and adopters!

Who remembers Pink!?!

She was rescued from the parking lot of a fitness center in Van Nuys, CA, at deaths doorsteps. Pink was bad condition, covered in ticks and fleas. Her tummy was filled with rocks from eating whatever she could find. Her second chance could not have been brighter. She has been adopted by the amazing Escobedo Family! She now has loving parents and a fun brother and sister to play with.

We are so happy for you Pink!



Our sweet Teddy has found a forever home, and we are so excited because it is with one of our very own crew members; Teipo and husband, Manu! Volunteer Teipo, fell in love with Teddy and has worked with him for a long time. Today, Teddy is a certifed Service dog and he is living the life! Teddy is expieriencing new things for the first time and will be forever loved by this family!

We are so happy for you Teddy!


Remeber Joey, who came to us emaciated? He is now living the high life with new family Davi and Jonathan! Joey, now named Santo also has a cat brother and is loved so very much. Santo has hit it big with this family. He is getting to go on hikes, saw the beach for the very first time and is this families new best friend. We love you Joey!


Little Sophie has found her forever home with the Mantel Family! Sophie came to us when her family decided they were moving and could no longer keep her. They were about to drop her off at the shelter when their 13 year old son found our rescue and begged us to take her in. Sophie has been through a lot in her short life, and we are so grateful that she will now have a stable, loving, forever family,


Adorable pup "Sia" has found her forever home with Mom, Elizabeth and Dad, Jessi! Elizabeth and Jessi met Sia at one of our adoption events and fell in love. Sia was dumped in South LA as a puppy and lucked out DR Doghouse stepped in to help. She has now hit the biggest jackpot... a FOREVER, loving family! We are so happy for you Sia, and can't wait to watch you grow up.


Great news! One of our Nashville stars "Maisy" has hit it big and found her forever family! How cute are they! Maisy came to us with her sister Lennon. They were named after sister singing duet and Nashville stars, Lennon and Maisy Stella. Maisy was adopted by the Day Family. Thank you Kelly and Lawrence Day for opening your heart and home to Maisy. We look forward to lots of updates of Maisy and her new family. Here is to second chances.


Little Jackie Fox, of The Runaway Pack has found her forever home!! Jackie was such a delight, very calm and submissive. She is going to make such a wonderful addition to The Proffer Family! She is now named Rosie and we are so happy for her. Thank you so much Proffer Family for opening your heart and home to little Jackie. We love you Jackie.


Waylon & Dolly

Two more of the fantastic five have found their forever home. Waylon Jennings and Dolly Parton are spending the rest of their lives together with the Jacobs Family. Even more special, they will be joining DDBCR Alumni, Munchkin!!! A full house of fun. We are so happy for you all. What an amazing forever family you have. We love you guys!



Our sweet Austin has been adopted! Thank you to everyone who kept up with his long journey. Austin was found by a police officer, abandoned witha 6 foot chain dragging from his neck. The amazing officer took him to the vet. Austin was sent to a shelter and rescued by DDBCR. He will now spend his life with mom and dad Michelle and Matt, brother and sister Cayley & Cayden.


We are super happy to annouce that our little "Jingle" has been ADOPTED!!! Jingle was adopted by Matt who adopted a dog named Parker from us over a year ago. Matt saw Jingle and knew he wanted to give her a great life, just like he gave Parker. Here is their new family photo: Lia Puia, Jingle now named "Payton" and Parker one big happy Family !!! Way to go guys !!!! We love you !!


The last of the four, Little Miss Cherie Curry AKA "Cherry" from The Runaway Pack has left the building! She was adopted by Annie and Scott who adore her to pieces. Thank you so much to The Mosley Family for keeping The Runaways safe and caring for the while they waited for their forever homes. We are so happy to see them all go into amazing homes. We love you Cherry!


Joan Jett now named Paris, (part of The Runaways Crew) has been adopted by the Cole Family! We are so grateful that she will have such a loving family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Cole Family and thank you to the Mosley Family for fostering our pups and keeping them safe until they found their forever home.


Our LITTLE Lita has found her forever, loving home with the Crismond Family. We are so greatful that she will spend the rest of her life with such a great family. Lita is now named Babushka. We love you so much! Here's to beating the odds and getting a second chance! 


This is Rodae... She was found alone, dirty and malnourished, roaming the streets of LA. DR Doghouse scooped in and nursed her back to health. Here she is with her forever daddy, Paul. Congrats Rodae!!


Does it get any cuter than this?!?

Check out Crumpet with her new forever family! Crumpet was rescued from Harbour Animal Shelter. She was used for breeding and dumped. She had no social skills or training. She had never even walked on a leash. Crumpet was in need of major training and her family stayed with her along the way. Thank you beyond words to the Stoltz Family for giving Crumpet a second shot at life <3

Johnny Cash, now Brodie has found his forever loving home and will be living large in San Diego! We are so thrilled for him. He was the last of the Fantastic Five Pups to get a home. New parents Francis and Jonathan were so happy to add Brodie as the newest member of their family. We can't wait to see you grow up!

We love and and will miss you so much!



One of the "Fabulous Five" has been adopted!!! Although his stay was short, Willie Nelson has found his forever family. He is quite the character and will grow up to be a lovely companion. Thank you so much to Willie's forever dads - Joseph and Anthony. We look forward to updates .

Way to go WIllie Nelson, we love you!!!



Vinny has found a home!!! Vinny was found roaming the streets of LA by one of our volunteers. He was filthy, matted and had no social skills. With lots of grooming, love and patience, Vinny blossemed into a wonderful dog and will now spend the rest of his happy days with the Peterson Family; mom Robin and daughter Laura.


This is a BIG ONE for us... our tiniest "Tiny" has FINALLY found his forever home. Tiny has been a part of the crew for quite some time. He has been waiting so patiently and now we know why... he was waiting for his new mom and dad "Andrea and Paulie" to find him! He even has a tinier sister named "Bastje" to play with. Thank you Andrea and Paulie for giving Tiny the life he deserves. We will miss you!


Tater Tot (left) was found after he was thrown out of a car in Long Beach, CA. Tater (now Rukkus) was only with us a short time before he was scooped up by Terri and Daniel, who will be his forever family! We are so thrilled for Rukkus, his family is smitten over him. We love you so much Rukkus, come back to visit us soon!


Dallas has been adopted!!! Dallas was rescued from a high kill shelter and barely made it out alive. With the help of lots of people, DR Doghouse came in and rescued Dallas moments before it was too late. We are so happy that Jessi and Alan from Luxx's Paw stepped in to foster and now adopt Dallas. So happy that he will have a great forever family

Our sweet Cookie has been adopted! Thank you Ali for making sure she had a second chance to a great life! Cookie was found running the cold harsh streets of Los Angeles. Her new family fell in love with her at one of our adoption events. Thank you to the Dresser Family and her forever mom Charlotte for giving her the life she deserves.



We are so thrilled to announce that Rex has been adopted by the Purgason Family! Rex was found as a stray on the streets and has been through some rough times. He spent his days in many different foster homes. We can not be happier that those days are over!

Congrats Rex!!!!!


One of our favorite butter balls, Munchkin has been adopted!!! We are so thrilled to announce that she will be the center of attention as the newest member of the Jacobs Family! Way to go Munchkin, we will miss you and you will forever have a very special place in our hearts!




Cali Girl was rescued by Dr. Doghouse on her last days at East Valley, a high kill shelter in Los Angeles. We put her through training and found her new dad and mom at one of our adoption events. What a beauty! We love you Cali!


Our sweet Deja Blue (now Dharma) has been adopted!!! Dharma was being sold on craigslist and rescued by DR Doghouse. A lot of dog fighters find their dogs on craigslist. We are so happy that Dharma will never experience that. She will live out her life with mom Brandine and two doggie brothers! Way to score Dharma.

We Love You!

Remember our little Sammy Girl who was rescued a few months ago from Lancaster Shelter? Here she is on Thanksgiving with her forever brothers and sisters. Thank you again to the beautiful Garza Family for giving Sammy Girl a second chance!



Her stay with us may have been short but we will always have a special place in our heart for her. Congratulations Nala on finding your forever home! Thank you to Lacey and Johnny for saying YES to this angel!

We love you Nala.


Our handsome "Amare" has found his forever home. We are so happy to announce that he will be spending his life with actor Darrin Henson. Darrin came into one of our adoption events and fell in love with Amare. It was love at first sight for both of them. Thank you Darrin for your heart of gold and giving Amare the life he deserves. 

Johnny Boy

It has been a long time coming for our Johnny Boy, but he FINALLY found the perfect forever home. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to the Weigel Family for giving Johnny the forever life he deserves. Johnny was rescued from East Valley Animal Shelter where he was set to be euthanized. DDBCR rescued him and soon found out he was deaf. Finding him a home then became ever more challenging. Johnny waited patiently and the wait was definately worth it!

Way to go Johnny!


Our sweet Lily has been adopted by the Moore Family, who think that she is just PERFECT! We are so happy and can not thank you enough for openging you heart and home to this sweet little girl! Way to Go Lily!!


Finally MILO has found his perfect match!!! Thank you to the amazing Campbell Family for making Milo your forever dog. Cara and her son Gunner are so thrilled to have Milo as a part of their family. We got Milo as a tiny pup and he was a part of our pack for almost a year. We are so happy he will be forever loved with a family of his own.


We are so thrilled to announce that Bailey has found her forever home! Bailey had a sad start to life, but a team of people came together and gave her a second shot at a wonderful life. Thank you to Lane & Julian for opening their hearts and home to Bailey. She will have a wonderful life with them and her fur brother Pudge.


Billy the Kid... the boy was being drowned in a bucket. Billy was rescued and brought to us when he was the tiniest pup. He was simply perfect and got along with everyone! We could not understand why it was taking so long for him to get adopted. When we met his forever family, we understood why. They adore him and he is so happy! Thank you to Heather and Adam for adopting our sweet boy. And look Billy even has a new sister named Pegasus.


We are super excited to announce that Baby Sky has been adopted by The Macias Family! After we rescued her she was posted on Cesar Millan's ADOPT ME page where she got over 100,000 likes. We had calls and emails from all over the world. After reviewing many applications and completing home checks we are so happy Sky ended up with this family! Congrats on the rest of your amazing life Sky! We love you!

Here is to second chances! Our sweet girl Vourucca was being given away on the streets of Santa Ana, where she could have landed in the wrong hands. She was rescued by Dr. Doghouse and has found the perfect forever home with The Adisa Family who has renamed her Jazzy. Thank you so much for giving her the life she deserves.


We are Happy to announce that Bucket has been adopted. Thank you Jojo, Tony & Megan for giving giving Bucket the most amazing life. 🐾


We are happy to announce that Ella Mai has found her forever family. It was so great to see Ella Mai, who came to us in very bad shape as a baby, heal, flourish and grow to be such a sweet, happy, loving and amazing little girl. Congratulations to your new family and to you. 

We love and adore you and can't wait to hear all the amazing stories of your new journey along the way Patrica, thank you for opening your heart to a rescue in need and adopting one of our special dogs each one of them mean the world to us. Welcome to our family !

Ella Mai


We are happy to announce that Cookie now named Gia has been adopted! Congratulations Sanam & Jackson on your new addition to your family, we love you guys. A very Special Thank you to Keri and her family for keeping Cookie safe and out of the shelter until we could place her, Cookie is one lucky girl to have so much love around her. We love you Gia! 💕


We are super happy to announce that after waiting a year, Babyface Bubba Sparxx hit the jackpot and found the perfect family!
We could not be more happy for Bubba to have mom Diana and dad Evan that will give our boy the best life. Diana and Evan welcome to our family and thank you for opening your hearts to our sweet boy Bubba! It was so worth the wait to find two loving people that have all that we wanted for Bubba and and to trainer Jeff who fostered and trained Bubba to make him the best he could be. Thank you from the bottom
Of our hearts! We love you Bubba and are super excited to see you so happy and Loved 🐾😘


We are happy to announce that Carla has found her forever family. Congratulations Skylar and Andy on your new addition we are so happy this all worked out for the best. Thank you for not giving up! 💕🐾

We are happy to announce that Dierks Bentley, now named Bentley, has found his forever loving home with the beautiful Martin family. We had a lot of interest in Dierks but when we met Dustin & Carolyn we just knew this was the perfect match. We would like to welcome Dustin and Carolyn to our family and wish Bentley the best on his new journey with his family.


We are happy to Announce that our Rescue dog Smokey has been adopted! We love you Smokey and wish nothing but the best on your journey with your new family. Here’s to second chances, welcome to our family guys and thank you for adopting one of our Angels!


We are Happy to announce that Logan now named Tito has found his forever home! We love you Tito we are wishing you all the best with your new family.


We are excited to announce that Piper has found her forever home with mom Jessie and dad Matt . We Love you Piper and wish you all the best on your journey with your new family.



We are so excited to announce that our sweet girl Milly, new name Freyja has found the perfect home with moms Helga and Bonnie who are so in love with their new baby girl! We love you!


We are happy to announce that sweet Lennon has been adopted! We love you Lennon! We would like to say a very a special Thank you to Jeff stacey from A Better Dog LA for training and fostering Lennon well.

Bruno Mars

Happy to announce Bruno Mars has Been ADOPTED! Thank you so much Jen Mayo and everyone else who helped on Bruno's Journey. We are so happy for you Bruno..We would like to Welcome Mario & Jackie to our Family. Thank you both for opening your hearts and home to Bruno Mars.




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