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Vinny has been adopted!

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Meet Vinny!!! Vinny was rescued by one on DR Doghouse's volunteers. Vinny was found roaming the streets of Los Angeles in horrible condiditon. He was filthy, matted and covered in stickers from the back of his ears to the tip of his tail. He was scared and acting out in fear. DR Doghouse brought him in and got him groomed. It took multiple baths and groomings to get the awful smell off of Vinny. Vinny had no idea how to be a dog. He was introduced to the DR doghouse pack - both humans and dogs and would hide in fear. He was so confused at all of his new surroundings, but he learned to trust volunteer Ali, and owner Damon and Robin, and soon figured out how to be a dog. He became a part of the pack and started attending adoption events. It has taken months... but Vinny has found his FOREVER home! He will now be the faithful companion to his mom Robin and her sweet daughter Laura. Robin is now retired and will have all of her days to spoil and love on Vinny. We are so thrilled for Vinny and his loving forever family! Thank you to everyone who was part of this rescue! We love you Vinny


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