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Crumpet is going home!

This story truly touches our heart. We couldn't be happier to announce that Crumpett has found her forever home with the most amazing family!


This tiny hot shot was rescued from Harbour Animal Shelter. A big thank you to all of the volunteers who came together to make this rescue possible. Crumpet was used for breeding and had no social skills when she came to us. She was scared and confused but showed potential for so much love. We knew we would have to work hard with training to show this girl that the world wasn't such a scary place. Here is a photo of Crumpet the day she was rescued by Damon and Robin - founders of DR Doghouse.


We got a call from a family that was interested in Crumpet, but were concerned because they had never owned a bully. We explained her situation and need for training and socialization. Most potential adopters would have ran from the situation, but they were still drawn to this girl. Crumpet went through months of training and the potential adopters were amazing at staying on track with her rehabilatation. Crumpet is all smiles with her new mom and dad, Cindy and Scott. Thank you so much for giving Crumpet the chance she deserves and a stable forever family!! Our deepest appreciation - DDBCR


Check out the "Welcome Home Crumpet" poster her family made her!!! What a spoiled and loved girl <3 We will miss you Crumpet!


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