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Jingle has found her home!

One of Christmas pups "Jingle" has found her forever home.... and if that's not cool enough, her new brother is a DDBCR alumni named "Parker." Parker was adopted from us over a year ago. Jingle has been renamed "Patyon" and will live the rest of her life in a loving home with mom and dad "Matt and Lia." Here is a photo of the happy family....


Here is a photo of Jingle and her sister Bell when they first arrived at DR Doghouse. They were rescued from a bad situation and we are so thankful we got them in time...


Jingle's sister, Bell is still looking for her forever home. We are praying that comes soon <3

We are so happy for Jingle (Payton) what a lucky girl. Thank you Matt for reaching out to us and wanting to add this sweetheart to your family. We can't wait to get some updates and photos of the family. Here is one more photo of founder Robin with the new siblings "Parker and Payton."

parker and payton.jpg

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